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Student activities aim at:

-Fostering spiritual and moral values and enhancing national awareness

-Expressing opinion and reinforcing leadership ability

-Giving students the chance to discover their own talents, competencies and skills and trying to promote and grow these talents

-Setting up student fraternities

-Organizing student sporting, social, scouting, artistic and cultural activities

-Benefitting by students’ energy for community service


  • Setting up student unions:

Student unions are composed of the Institute’s regular students enrolled therein. Foreign students are entitled to practice the union’s activities without having the right to vote or to be nominated:

  • Student Union’s Committees

The board of Student Union works through specialized committees having set objectives as follows:


  • Committee on Fraternities
  • Encouraging the formation of fraternities in the Institute and supporting their activities
  • Co-ordinating the activities of the Institute’s different fraternities.


  • Sports Activities Committee:

● Inspiring the sporting spirit among students, encouraging and enhancing sports talents

● Organising sports activities in the Institute including formation of sports teams, arranging games, contests, events and sports festivals

  • Cultural Activities Committee

- Arranging aspects of cultural activity that leads to acquainting the student with community traits and its development needs, and working for promoting student literary hobbies

-Working for enhancing student literary and cultural potential

  • Committee on Artistic Activities
  • Fostering students' various artistic talents and raising their level in alignment with their refined objectives, organising concerts and exhibitions which highlight the students' artistic activities
  • Encouraging and supporting students' artistic activities and hobbies
  • Committee on Scouting and Public Services:
  • Organizing aspects of the scouting movement according to its scientific bases and principles
  • Implementing environmental programs endorsed by the Institute in a manner which helps develop society, working for making the students share in carrying out these programs and participating in projects of public service needed by our homeland.
  • Committee on Social Activities and Excursions

- Developing social ties between faculty members and staff, instilling the spirit of cooperation and brotherhood among them by all appropriate means

- Arranging social, cultural and recreational excursions and camps which help students recognise their homeland landmarks.