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My dear students

Looking forward to a new academic year, we encourage you to stop for a moment and focus on our successes. As known from generations of Thebes academy alumni success, you should be ready to be productive citizens, the leaders of tomorrow in technology, engineering and  business .

Our alumni tell us how they are better prepared for careers and life as those who work next to them. We do so through great classroom experiences and by involving students in community-informed research and service that puts theory into practice, through continuous-learning and extracurricular experiences.

 Thebes academy's mission is to deliver science, research and quality education, on innovative and technology enriched educational approach. We always work on curriculum development according to the national and international market needs to ensure the empowerment of students and staff targeting potential graduates.

We welcome you all and wish you a unique experience.

Professor Seddik Afifi

President of Thebes Academy

President of Nahda University