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Someone asked me, “How will Egypt face the challenges of the twenty-first century?”. I replied, “By the Egyptian human being who is the most precious thing we have. He is our major tool for facing the future, and our instrument for shaping the future.”

In our Academy, we thought how to prepare the Egyptian citizen properly so as to make him able to shape the future. This wouldn’t be achieved only by teaching him traditional sciences and curricula, but first by teaching him the modern sciences imposed by the challenges of the coming century such as computer sciences and information technology, business management, electronics and communications engineering and architectural engineering. This will not be done only by giving lectures, but through laying much emphasis on applications and field training to students of the Academy in diverse institutions, banks, hotels and factories so that the student can be familiar with the realistic environment of work and the actual practice of what he learns in classrooms.


The Academy offers study programs according to credit hours system (the American system) in order to arrive at the greatest amount of flexibility in deciding

the student’s academic career and shaping his study interests according to his abilities and tendencies.

Our mission is to build the human being. Future vision governs all what we do. Implanting good values and proper manners in our students is our objective.

                 God bless our intention and guide our steps.”


Professor Seddik Afifi

President of Thebes Academy

President of Nahda University